SpeakTribe is a language learning app that simply wants to help you learn languages faster.

While there is no doubt that motivation and perseverance are key factors which decide how quickly one is able to learn languages, there is also no doubt that the way the language is taught plays an equally important role.
At SpeakTribe, we believe that language usage in everyday life is primarily vocal.
Consequently, for someone looking to communicate in a language, practising listening and speaking becomes key to becoming fluent in the language. SpeakTribe helps you do exactly this through chat exercises allowing you to practise your conversational skills. In addition to this, you may opt to speak and listen during your regular vocabulary and grammar lessons to get even more practice.
learning lessons
The lessons take you through the most crucial elements of sentence formation first.
You learn about prepositions, conjunctions, basic nouns and verbs. In doing so, you build a solid foundation to start conversing. Subsequent lessons help you build more vocabulary and frame more complex sentences, helping you widen the scope of your conversations.

Try out the SpeakTribe app to see what makes so many people proclaim SpeakTiribe to be the best language learning app of all.