4 Spanish TV series to drown yourself in

It's the holidays and you feel like snuggling into your homes with a beverage of your choice, possibly some snacks and some excellent TV series to go with. Why not try a Spanish TV series to inspire you to kick-start your 2017 language learning goal in style?

Here's a list you will find handy. We tried to find something for every taste.


1. Narcos 

 Genre : Crime Thriller, Biographical 

If you haven't heard about Narcos AND if you have been learning Spanish this year, there is a good chance that you have been living under a rock. Or you are just not as big a TV fan. Set in Colombia, the series tells the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine. Replete with thrilling encounters, intriguing plot angles and engaging trysts with law enforcement agencies, doesn't this sound like the perfect recipe of a series you could binge-watch?


2. Club de Cuervos 

 Genre : Comedy, Drama 

A comedy-drama that was also the first Spanish-language Netflix original ever, the series is based on happenings at a football club (or soccer club for our American audience), Club de Cuervos, that is based in the fictional town of Nuevo Toledo in Mexico. In fact, the second season of the series aired just a few days back in Dec 2016. So if you are a football fan and a comedy/drama is up your alley, this might be a great watch for you! Rated 8.1 stars on IMDb (and 80% on Rotten Tomatoes), you know you are getting a good recommendation!


3. Extr@ en Español 

 Genre : Educational 

Okay, this could a slightly unknown quantity if you are new to Spanish, but a lot of the Spanish learners on active on Reddit and other forums talk about this show. It's actually different from others on this list in the sense that this was actually made to teach Spanish. Scripted in the format of a FRIENDS-esque sitcom, and this was mainly marketed to the instructional television market for middle school and high school language classes and so the characters speak Spanish at a much more comfortable pace. So while it may not be as engrossing as something like Narcos, it is probably a better learning aid!


4. Gran Hotel 

 Genre : Drama 

As described here, based in Spain in the early 1900s, "Gran Hotel (or "Grand Hotel" in English) follows the inner workings of a fancy hotel and the ruthless Alarcón family that owns it and will stop at nothing to keep owning it." If a historical drama, exotic Spanish locales and an 8.5 on IMDb are not enough to convince you, we don't know what will!